Virtual Visit

START Virtual Visit of the Hotel Albana

Photography 360 Grad © Susanne Schmidt

>>> MIRROR-Room

>>> PANORAMA-Restaurant

>>> MURANO-Salon

>>> DE-LUXE Room No. 17

>>> Roof Terrace

>>> JAZZ-Bar

Susanne Schmidt and her panoramic photography

Next to my work in traditional photography in 135 or 120 film-format I have been working on panoramic photography since 1991, and am still enjoying the open unlimited view, without boundaries, which gives me a fascinating feeling of freedom. This limitless view taught me a new way of seeing things. It is very demanding to create a good picture, which spans an arc of excitement all around. It was fascinating to open the radius, the circle, and to reproduce the picture on a plane surface, that has been unrolled. © SUSANNE SCHMIDT. All Rights Reserved.